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Costa Rica is the country with the highest biodiversity index in the world. The quantity of animal species present is incredibly high and, especially in the Caribbean area, you can observe them in their habitat by living in contact with them every day. In our garden we often have monkeys, sloths, squirrels, toucans, hummingbirds and other birds of many species.


Caribbean architecture is a very special way of living home. The structures, always quite simple, are made with tropical wood and the constructions choices guarantee maximum comfort in both hot and humid climate, without sacrificing taste for decoration and the use of bright colours and rich contrasts. Our houses are built following carefully some simple rules to fit correctly in this environmental context.


Living the Caribe also means approaching the local culture through a more direct contact with traditions, customs and rituals that belong to this people. The village of Puerto Viejo, just over a kilometre from our houses, winds its way through the sea with its colourful wooden buildings, the clubs of all kinds, the surf schools and the peddlers of “patty” or “pipa fría”.


The people of the Caribbean, generally very friendly in relating to foreigners, are extraordinarily cheerful and lively. In the last twenty years, a very large community of Europeans and North Americans has joined the original Afro-descendant community and today is represented by over forty different nationalities.

Le spiagge

Le spiagge dell’area caraibica presentano numerose singolarità e ciascuno può trovare davvero ciò che cerca. Molte aree costiere sono perfette per praticare surf ad ogni livello di difficoltà, altre sono l’ideale per fare snorkeling a ridosso della barriera corallina, altre ancora, un po più appartate, sono adatte a chi semplicemente preferisce una gita in barca o solo fare una nuotata. Le nostre case si trovano a meno di trecento metri da Playa Negra, una delle più belle spiagge di tutto il paese.


The Caribbean area, characterized by the climate of the rainforest, is the one that more than any other presents an extraordinary diversity of plant species and it is certainly ideal for people who want to live in close contact with an exuberant and generous nature. Our houses are inside a vast land in which we have created a spectacular tropical garden.

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